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About the Book

Play Golf Better Faster Isn't Just About Mechanics,
It's About the Secrets of Great Golf.

The heart of this book is organized into three parts:

First: Using Your Brain

Second: Practicing Your Game

Third: Playing Your Game

It is designed as a workbook to take your golf game to the next level. If you are a pro, an experienced golfer or novice, it is full of practical steps to dramatically improve your game.

If you've been overwhelmed by the mass information the golf industry offers, this book will simplify it all for you. If you have spent a lot of time and money on equipment and lessons, have the possibility of doing so or are just confused about where to start, this book reveals how to start spending time on yourself and your golf game instead.

As you read through the text, your game begins to improve. While using the information in this book, you dramatically increase your ability to play golf better, faster.

"This book is designed for anyone who wants to play the game easier and with more enjoyment."

— Chuck Hogan


About the Author

Kalliope Barlis played professional golf and is now a Doctor of Acupuncture, NLP Coaching Trainer and Master Practitioner. When she began planning to play golf professionally, she started exploring ways to optimize life and has been doing so ever since. She realized that the better she felt about being alive and seeing what she wanted for her future, the better her life became ― especially her ability to play golf well. According to sports analysts, all odds were against her: she was already in her mid-twenties when she began playing golf, and because she hadn't been prepped from an early age, her physiology was against her. But Kalliope was born with a brain that told her she could do it. So she found someone who would teach her to do the "impossible": play golf really well really fast. That man was Chuck Hogan, a teaching talent who knew that to play your best, you had to think right with a vivid imagination and feel good while thinking right.


Chuck taught many golf professionals on tour. He taught Kalliope to look for what worked and, if it didn't, to change what she as doing. He kept golf really simple. In fact, he never gave her a lesson in swing mechanics. Instead, he encouraged her to develop her imagination. It was how she thought about each shot and the overall game that would make difference in her score. She also looked at players who did golf exceptionally. When they played their best, they looked a certain way that reflected how good they felt while imagining their shots. She consciously reflected their performance in her brain so that she could own their level of play. The very simple exercise she used to do this is in her book, Play Golf Better Faster, and can be applied by any athlete, musician, actor, or any aspiring talent in any style of discipline.

Her book is a result of all the discoveries she made on how to optimize her golf game quickly. The book includes some anecdotes and some scientific research, but mostly, it offers practical steps you can take to dramatically improve your game. She also includes ways to keep a healthy body on and off the course because it is no secret that a healthy body promotes a healthy brain that operates optimally.

Use Play Golf Better Faster as a workbook to guide you in optimizing your golf game. You are taught about Neuro-Linguistic Programming as applied to golf. NLP is a technology of thought and the artful use of language that leads your brain into mastering your imagination to create the best possible shots in both easy and challenging situations on the golf course.

Kalliope thanks all the people she taught who learned the process she found to make golfing easy ― especially the kids in the LPGA golf clinics who gave no resistance to the simplicity of the method and openly imagined what they wanted and got it because they made it fun. And to the adults who trusted the simplicity of the instruction. Both adults and children validate that the practical steps offered in her book do work, not just for Kalliope and for others but also for you.


Private Lessons

Private lessons always give you the personal attention you want in your game. Kalliope will tailor specifically to what you want to achieve in your game and guide you through the proper strategy to get it. The facilitated change occurs often with ease since Kalliope uses language for your brain to understand without resistance so that you feel good while playing golf.

The biggest limitation in a person's golf game is a dull imagination, whereas Kalliope opens up your brain to new understandings to create a more vivid holographic imagination so that you land your target on the course and roll the ball into the hole more often.

Depending on how much you want to change, Kalliope uses modalities of change through elite golf instruction that may include NLP skills and Coaching Training, lifestyle suggestions, Eastern Asian Medicine techniques for maintaining well-being and a thorough test of foods that are best for you.

Group Lessons

Elite golf instruction for groups with Kalliope offers colleagues, friends and family the opportunity to do things together while learning and having fun. Together, you can master your brain and skills in an open environment for anyone to learn where you learn that competition is with yourself and not others. What will matter the most is that you become a better golfer while being inspired by those around you who will be doing the same.

The elite golf lesson will be specifically tailored to the level of the group.

Your progress is contagious while reading this book and
start applying the skills you learn
to continue to dramatically improve your game.